wireless door phone

Wireless peephole video door phone 180 €

Wireless peephole video door phone Features: 1. Wireless two way intercom, 2.4G public frequency 2. 1 outdoor camera, 3 indoor monitors Max. 3. Transmission distance: 150meter Max 4. DIY Install to the door peephole 5. Used for House, apartment, office … Continue reading

SOS-pevna linka

Telephone Autodial Alarm System 35 €

“One Key Press” Telephone Autodial Alarm System 1.Delicate, small, and powerful 2.No need of power supply. A connected phone line will be enough. 3.Auto-dial function; Can connect max. 6 groups of phone number. 4.Programmed to dial 3 times of all … Continue reading


GSM Emergency Calling Alarm System 75 €

GSM Emergency Calling Alarm System 1. Support GSM 900/1800 MHz 2. Auto-dial 5 groups of phone number 3. Programmed to dial 3 times of all numbers 4. There are arm/disarm buttons 5. Remote control to arm/disarm. Content of kit: 1 … Continue reading


GSM Power Socket

Time: Adjust the time of receipt Add a number Change the number of users Add a family number Add several family numbers Define the user: Delete a family number Delete a range of family numbers Delete all the family numbers … Continue reading



Do you know whether your parents, relatives or alone-living family members are all right? Don’t have them any problems or aren’t under stranger attack? Or you need to call them every hour and inform if they are OK?!


CLICK multifunctional GSM switch

Basic switch function which controls turning on and off the light has been a long time over. CLICK – MULTIFUNCTION GSM SWITCH has pushed technical progress forward and made your life easier. Do you want to have your house, flat, … Continue reading


MMS Camera 190 €

MMS camera is device for area monitoring. It can detect any body movement within monitoring area and make alarm via sending MMS (Multimedia Message Service) to pre-set mobile phone or e-mail.

Gecon Lite

Gecon Lite 119 €

GECON Lite is a GSM communicator that serves for data transfer through the GSM network via text messages and voice calls. Applications: GECON is a universal device, it can be used for: property protection – through the connection with the … Continue reading


Alarm Dragon 150 €

DRAGON is a compact small alarm for end users. Thanks to its easy management through a single control button the user doesn´t need help of a professional installation company from security sector. DRAGON informs you about the unauthorized entry of … Continue reading