GPS monitoring device Z1

Professional GSM GPS Car alarm is a modern vehicle security device which detects and consequently reports unauthorized movement of your vehicle. GSM module will enable you to communicate with your vehicle by mobile phone, receive information about intrusion into vehicle or its movement in form of voice call or text message, as well as to receive detailed reporting on internet, together with service GPS ASISTENT (device status, movement monitoring, routes reporting).



  Unauthorized movement message

  Online device tracking

  Fuel cost savings

 Electronic yourney reporting

Our system offers:

  Temperature measuring

  Moto hours measuring

  Touch LCD display connection

  CAN/BUS connection

  Fuel measuring

Activation / deactivation:

  • alarm is activated / deactivated by starting of the vehicle
  • by password-protected text message
  • by RFID tag

Control of the vehicle status:

  • on request, Car Alarm Z1 immediately sends text message about the vehicle status
  • it also informs you about the car battery discharge (which is particularly useful in winter) and also about its disconnection


  • in case of alarm, Car Alarm Z1 sends text message (containing type of event, known position, number of driven km, direction) to maximum 4 preset phone numbers
  • car alarm informs you about position of your vehicle
  • by sending text message it is possible to remotely control Car alarm’s relay, for example switch on horn, or block the engine starter


  • car alarm Z1 also supports GPRS transmission that allows more complex and effective use of functions
  • car alarm regularly sends data (statuses,GPS positions, routes) to server where you can monitor the effectiveness of usage of your vehicle fleet

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • Stand-by consumption: less then 12 mA
  • Max. consumption: 600 mA/ 12V
  • GSM module: Tri band
  • GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 Mhz
  • Number of external inputs: 2
  • Control: RFID tag
  • Remotely controlled output (relay): 3,5A permanently, 5A for a short term
  • Temperature range: -40°C up to + 85 °C
  • Dimensions: 137 x 62 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Undervoltage sensor
  • Accessories: back-up battery (optional)