Opening Gates, Doors and Barriers by a Mobile Phone for hotels, garages, pensions, parking places

GSM Key is an application to actuate electric drive of gate openers, doors and barriers via a mobile phone. The opening and closing operations are FREE of charge as they are reduced to mere ringing signals (i.e. ringing the address and hanging up) to the phone number of SIM card installed in the actuating device. The device interface is formed by two output ports equipped with relays and four optically isolated input ports. Authorization of the competent user is done automatically by call list in the GSM Key. GSM Key is produced in two versions: GSM Key HOME 2 and GSM Key PRO 2.

Both versions of the GSM Key enable connecting and switching other devices, such as heat sources or pumps and send information in the form of SMS messages from installed sensors or a security system.

  • Every mobile phone serves as a control device
  • Operation charge is free
  • 100% safe – authorization by telefone number only
  • Possible control of other devices
  • HOME Version, PROFI Version


HOME version /166 eur/

  • Suitable for family houses and sall companies up to 20 users
  • User administration and setup by a mobile phone

Package Contents:

  • GSM Key 2 HOME2
  • Power Supply 12 V DC/1250 mA
  • GSM Whip Aerial, 3 dB, FME 50 
  • Quick manual, CD with detailed manual

PRO version /225 eur/

  • Suitable for medium – sized companies, oce buildings, hotels and lodging houses with frequent trac (more than 20 users)
  • User administration through a mobile phone GSM Key ADMIN software
  • GSM Key ADMIN software – a proesional solution for conguring an unlimited number of GSM Keys PRO by a computer
  • Checking the open/closed state of entrance through SMS message
  • Sending SMS message informing about power failure when using a backup battery

Package Contents:

  • GSM Key 2 PRO 2
  • Power Supply 12 V DC/1250 mA
  • GSM Whip Aerial, 3 dB
  • CD (GSM Key ADMIN, Manual)
  • Quick manual

Technical Parameters

GSM module: Cinterion Wireless Module TC65i

Frequency: Quad – Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

User Interfaces:>

- 2 x relay outputs (for parallel connection of engine control)

- 2 x opticaly isolated inputs (additional functions)

- RS232 – RJ45 connector

Ambient temperature: -20°C + 50°C

Auto switch – off at: -40°C + 85°C

Supply voltage range: 11-15 V, 22-30 V

Power consuption: 1 W/3,5 W (reception/transmission)

Antenna connector:  FME (50 )

Dimensions: 30 x 90 x 102 mm

Fastening: 35 mm DIN lath

Weight: 150 g