Option GlobeSurfer III+ 186 €

The new Option Globesurfer III+ is a HSPA+ High Speed 3G Router that provides Wireless Broadband Internet access for multiple PC’s and Laptops, using a single 3G Network SIM Card.

The Option Globesurfer III+ provides both wired and Wireless connectivity, as well as offering a port for the connection of a standard analogue telphone, making it ideal for the small office, marine, temporary or mobile office.


The Option Globesurfer 3+ uses the latest HSPA+ technology to provide up to 14.4Mbps download speed (HSPA+) and an impressive 5.75 Mbit upload speed (HSUPA). These download and upload figures are the maximum speeds supported by the device, your networks speed may vary. Please check with your mobile provider on their HSPA and HSPA+ network availability and 3G mobile broadband speeds.

Packed with new and unique features, the Option Globesurfer III+ pushes the boundaries of conventional gateway routers. Using the latest Option GTM661 HSPA+ Module, this clever device offers HSPA+ Download speeds up to 14.4Mpbs and HSUPA Upload speeds at up to 5.76Mbps, as well as AWS support, making it a forerunner in the mobile bandwidth market.

Naturally, it comes with full telephone functionality, including composing, reading and managing SMS text messages. Hard drives and printers can be connected via the integrated USB port. This means users have access to a central storage system, allowing them to back-up critical files, or share files across the LAN. Multimedia files such as MP3s or AVIs can be streamed across the network. A printer can be conveniently located and used by all connected PCs.

The Globesurfer III+ is easy to use too, with just two buttons and a clear, colour display screen. The browser has been sub-divided into two sections, so users who only require basic features such as SMS, Telephone, Quick Set-Up and Security can perform all these tasks without having to navigate through more complex functions within the advanced section.

Technical Parameters

  • High-speed HSPA+ Module : Download 14.4 Mbps, Upload 5.76 Mbps
  • Powerful Wi-Fi Network router
  • Easy to use: Intuitive 2-button control
  • Unique Notifier software displays alerts and status information across the wireless network
  • Built-in security and firewall functionality
  • Smart design: Desktop or wall-mounted